When you zoom to the maximum using the slider above, it's similar to being close up to a 2 metre wide print. Imagine the print expanding way beyond both sides of your screen

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Another example: -


Please note that these images are from a 39 megapixel camera, and not all images on this website will
be as amazingly sharp as these. Why do I use a 39 megapixel camera? Compare these images: -

(Canon Pro camera, 1DS MkII, 16.7 megapixels, 17-40mm L lens) Detail from above at 100%: -

Now here's the 39 megapixel image (Cambo Wide DS, Schneider 24mm Apo-Digitar XL (17mm equivalent), P45 back: -

Not just resolution and sharpness, but the colour is much better too