Burnham Lighthouse, Night   4336
Somerset, England

Burnham Lighthouse, Night
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'Hi Tony, Just to confirm we have now received both pictures and they are already hanging on the wall! Very prompt
service and the pictures are excellent and look stunning. Kind regards, K. Joyce, Somerset' (bought a canvas of this image)

For Photographers: - How I took the image
Doing a few test exposures showed the longest shutter speed I could get away with (to keep the stars as points of
light rather than trails)was around 28 seconds, so I used a remote release to enable this, checking the time regularly
to make sure it was just right. This was also enough exposure for the scene without the lights burning out completely.
Trying zoom settings any wider than 29mm made the lighthouse distort too much, so I moved back. Being here, when most
people were tucked up in bed, was a real privilege. Glorious

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