Second Severn Crossing   4340
near Bristol, England

Second Severn Crossing
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For Photographers: - How I took the image
After three or four unsuccessful visits, when the sun dissapeared behing grey cloud at sunset, or it clouded over even earlier,
I waited here an hour or so for what looked like the right kind of light. Then it was a case of shooting several test images, all the
while hoping it would turn gradually better. The test shots showed the correct exposure for the lighting, and the other important
element I wanted just right was the blurred water. 10 seconds seemed perfect. A small aperture (f16) helped get the 'cross-screen'
'starburst' effect on the highlights. I used mirror lock-up during image capture to reduce vibration, which is not really necessary
on a 10 second exposure, but should always be done with shorter speeds to avoid mirror slap.
Back on the computer I added a light to one where the bulb wasn't working, using the Healing brush/Clone tool. A true representation of
reality? Nope. Makes a better image? three letter word, begins with a 'y' and ends with an 's'

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