Derwent Water, Night 4569
Lake District, England

Derwent Water, Night
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The lights of Keswick can be seen at centre right, illuminating the mountains, with most of 'The Plough' star constellation visible above

'Hi Tony, I just wanted to let you know that we received the canvas this morning. It looks beautiful! Thank you so much for all your help' Sincerely, J.A, New
Jersey, USA (bought 36in canvas of this image)'
'Hello Tony, Your beautiful fine art print arrived on Friday. It's now hanging in the bedroom and looks stunning. Many thanks and best wishes, H,H, Yorkshire'
(bought a print of this image)

For Photographers: - How I took the image
I had the tripod as high as it would go, so that the jetty in the foreground had enough space around it, not clashing it with the background. Doing a few test
exposures showed that this image suited overexposure, and this image looked best at 2 stops over the meter reading. Using 1600 ISO kept the stars as
points of light rather than trails, but also meant the image would be noisy. I had to carefully run it through 'Noise Ninja' Photoshop plug-in to remove
unacceptable noise, whilst using the History Eraser to bring back some of the foliage edges (which noise reduction doesn't do well with).

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Camera - Canon 1DS MkII pro digital