Castlerigg Stone Circle   4571
Lake District, England

Castlerigg Stone Circle
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For Photographers: - How I took the image
Obviously, I was up at dawn ready for the best light. On tripod as always, I set up the height very carefully so that the top of the central stone
had the dark trees as a backdrop. It wouldn't have worked if this mid-toned stone had a similarly-toned background. Shooting RAW, as you should
if you're serious about quality, I then ensured everything would be in focus using the camera's depth-of-field preview button. I tried at f8, but it
wasn't all sharp. f11 worked, so I chose this aperture. Why not just choose f22 you may ask? well, with smaller apertures, you get light diffraction
issues, and your image will be soft. Staying around f8 will ensure the best possible image quality I then used mirror lock-up during image capture to
reduce vibration on a Canon 1DS MkII. Then I spent a while just taking in the magnificent setting. Back on the computer I processed the same file twice
- once for the foreground and once for the sky, at about 1.5 stops apart, then combined them

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Camera - Canon 1DS MkII pro digital