Last Light on Latrigg   4579
Lake District, England

Last Light on Latrigg
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Hi Tony, thank you for the wonderful photograph, I love it! You'll be glad to know that it's in good company, I'm a photograph collector
and it sits amongst some fabulous original photographs by Bill Brandt and others. Many thanks, Jane A, London (bought a print of this image)

For Photographers: - How I took the image
Normally I prefer some foreground elements to lead the viewers eye into an image, but here I decided the
textures and colours of the mountains were interesting enough without this. A 168mm setting on a full-frame
SLR seemed to sum up what I wanted to express, containing the colours in a tight frame whilst making good
shapes out of the three distinct ridges. 1/45th second at f8 was enough to keep everything sharp on a tripod.

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