Tin Mine, Trencrom   6628
St Ives, Cornwall, England

Tin Mine, Trencrom
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Image captured with an Infrared Camera - Canon 5D MkII

‘Hello Tony, I am pleased to say I collected the photo print from the post office today and am absolutely
delighted with it. I really love the deep clear colours in it and although I originally thought it was a
photograph taken in the winter frost and realised on viewing it close up that it was taken in summer but
with an indigo tint applied to it (probably not a very photographic term!), I really love it and am sure
it will look lovely in my Cornish home in Malpas! Thank you very much and I will follow your displaying
instructions to keep it in its best form. Yours, K.L, Bristol’ (bought a large print of this image)

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Camera - Canon 5D MkII Full Frame Digital