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Acrylic (Perspex)

Holywell Bay Acrylic Print

Holywell Bay Acrylic Print shown in situ on a lounge wall

10mm acrylic

Choose from Face mounted Acrylic (6mm), or 10mm Acrylic : -

FACE MOUNTED on Acrylic (6mm): -
• Top Quality Photo Print is face mounted
• Backed with 3mm Dibond- only 6mm
thick in total, appears to float in space
• Batten Hanging system
• Ultimate Image Quality

10mm Acrylic
• Image is printed on high opacity film then
bonded to 10mm acrylic
• Sub Frame Hanging system

World Delivery - 28 days plus up to 5 days by Fedex - £149

Photo Prints Face Mounted onto Acrylic (6mm)

Acrylic 6mm

Ideal for Home or Office. Supplied with battens fitted on reverse for easy hanging Acrylic Face Mounting is the process of mounting a photographic print between a sheet of Perspex and a dibond backing. In this way the image has a floating, 3-D quality which looks stunning. The technique of Face Mounting behind Perspex involves using a clear silicone glue to create an airtight bond, fixing the photographic print’s front side to the back of the Perspex sheet, thus eliminating any light reflections between the photograph and the glazing of an ordinary frame. It is then fixed to a backing sheet of 3mm Dibond. Battens are then attached to the back, which serve as a spacer between picture and wall and gives the impression that the photograph is floating in air. 'They look stunning in this format - a good contemporary choice. Thanks again. Regards, S.B, Kent'
(bought 22 acrylic 6mm face mounted prints up to 1.5m)

Features Overview

  • Image 'floats', looks fantastic

  • Battens fitted on reverse, easy to hang

  • Fade resistant for up to 70 years

  • A photo print is mounted onto 3mm Dibond, then face mounted onto perspex

Subframe used for acrylics larger than 100cm

Dibond, Acrylic

Overall thickness only 6mm, this image shows both the acrylic and dibond sections

6mm  Acrylic
6mm Acrylic shown in customers home. Image supplied by happy customer S.M, Scotland with thanks

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My St Ives image made into a 150cm acrylic print (thank you to my customer who supplied this image of the finished piece in his home)St Ives Acrylic

Any custom sizes are available - please contact us. All sizes are approximate


Images bonded onto Acrylic(10mm)

Acrylic 10mm

'Hi Tony, we're very happy with our purchase – it looks fantastic! Many thanks' A. Ingram, London
(bought a 1.5m Acrylic 10mm print of this image)

The image is printed on high opacity film then bonded to the back of 10mm acrylic - successfully selling prints online since 5th March 1997


'I'm a photographer living across the pond here in Toronto, Canada, and I spend most of my time photographing flowers. I visit your website all the time to get inspired by your stunning flower photography.  I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration.  I think your photographs are simply spectacular - the best in the world'.  S.M, Canada